Photos: Tarasco's New Latin Cuisine, the subject of this week's review

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Mark Manger
This week's review took me to Tarasco's New Latin Cuisine, a strip-mall spot where the walls are covered with English and Spanish words of wisdom and the menu is a mile long. It took me some time to uncover what was really special about this place, but once I discovered the excellent Michoacan dishes, Tarasco's quickly became one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in the city.

Here, to go with the review, is a side of photos. For more photos of Tarasco's, check out our slide show.

Mark Manger
Grilled nopales.

Mark Manger
Corn tamale drizzled with crema and topped with queso fresco.

Mark Manger
Posole, Michoacan-style.

Mark Manger
Mole, Michoacan-style.

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Mike Lee Restaurant

10260 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora, CO

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Sorry, not a fan.  My lady friend and I have traveled widely and lived on and off for years in Mexico and so we were excited to try this place.  We sampled a wide range of dishes on the menu (and left most uneaten) including the mole.  We were not impressed with the food at all. But, to each his or her own.  Just not our cup of horchata.


To each his or her own indeed. Last time I ate at Tarasco's, the guy at the next table was complaining because the mole came with chicken legs. He said he'd never seen chicken on the bone in a Mexican restaurant before.

The dishes I've had there - the green and the red mole, the posole, and the birria - have all been as complex and delicious as anything I've had in Denver or Mexico. But then, I also overheard someone saying they preferred a sweet, chocolaty mole. 


Uncledave 8 - I wholeheartedly agree

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