Reader: Alamo Placita is the poor, working-class neighbor of Country Club

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Highland isn't the only neighborhood going through an identity crisis. While the debate over the changes in Highland continues, the name game has spread south, to the area northwest of Washington Park, where Cafe Byblos Mediterranean Grill will soon open. What, exactly, should this area be called?

Says Carolyne:

Country Club - no. Alamo Placita - yes. This restaurant is opening in Alamo Placita; "We are the poor, working class neighbors of the Denver Country Club."

Have a better idea? Post it in the comments section below. And meanwhile, back in Highland...

Guest writes this:

All people who hang out in Lohi are jerks in one way or another. Lohi is full of:
-skinny jean mustached yuppies.
-people from Highlands Ranch who think they're living on the edge because they're eating brunch in a newly gentrified neighborhood.
-Lululemon gluten-free mommies with irritating menu substitution requests.
-middle aged men who rode in from 4 miles away on $10,000 roadbikes and are prancing around in spandex while sipping their lattes from the REI Starbucks.

What do you think of the changes in Highland? Or LoHi? Join the conversation already under way here -- where Oscar Aguirre, who watched all the changes from his family's restaurant, Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe, also weighed in yesterday.

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Cafe Byblos Mediterranean Grill

400 Corona St., Denver, CO

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Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe

2005 W. 33rd Ave., Denver, CO

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Kevin Villegas
Kevin Villegas

If the people who live in Alamo Placita think they are poor, I'd hate for them to come over to Mar Lee.


Snore. I thought this was a food blog?


Speer, not Country Club.Byblos is in the Speer neighborhood. Byblos is not at 400 SOUTH, but at 400 Corona Street if it is near Waffle Brothers.Platted as Arlington Park.

It is interesting that on the plat map, only the park is shown as Alamo Placita.

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