Reader: New reviewer should remember to bring a thesaurus

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The news that Laura Shunk is moving to New York and opening up a slot for a new restaurant critic inspired many readers to suggest possible candidates -- including old restaurant critic Jason Sheehan, for example. Penny Parker.

And two words: Dave. Barnes. "I think more reviews should be focused on menu font and whether it has free WiFi," writes Jim Rome.

There have been other suggestions for rules the new reviewer should live by.

These from EPL, for example:

You forgot two musts for any candidate:

1. overuse of adjectives that usually add nothing to the review (and ability to navigate a thesaurus; and

2. the mindset that simply telling the reader how an ingredient is applied is somehow a substitute for telling the reader what the ingredient actually does to the dish in question.

What qualities do you look for in a restaurant review? And how important is it to you that a critic be anonymous during review meals? Post your thoughts below, or join the discussion already under way here.

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The return of Sheehan!? That's too incredible to be true! I still share tales of my favorite Denver restaurant critic, story-teller, and reason I would go out of my way to never miss a weekly copy of Westword. Now I'll really be logging in daily to CafeSociety...


Someone who's knowledge about food comes from beyond traveling abroad and working in the front of the house of a restaurant in Boulder? 

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