Seven ways Twitter will take your wine lifestyle to the next level

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Imagine a magical tool that would bring together -- in a single location -- myriad information sources that fuel your passion for wine. An online (or mobile, for that matter) destination that collects on your behalf all manner of insightful information designed to keep you up to date -- on a moment to moment basis -- with everything you never even thought you may have wanted to know about vino. The best part? You could consume as much, or as little, of this wine-soaked content as you wanted; with little more than a flick of your fingertip, you'd be able to browse, delete or bookmark for later perusal at your leisure.

Welcome to Twitter, people.

If you can't count yourself amongst the nearly one-half million Twitter users just yet, fear not. Taking advantage of this unbelievably powerful tool is easier than you'd imagine. In fact, there's nothing wrong with being a completely passive user (aka a Twitter "voyeur"), keeping your thoughts -- er, tweets -- to yourself while watching the rest of the wine world's conversation. But if our own recent foray into the Twitterverse is any indication, we're betting that once you get a taste of how interesting, satisfying and straight-up entertaining using Twitter to expand your wine lifestyle can be, you'll be hooked. Below, our top seven reasons to become a card-carrying member of the Twitterati:

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Twitter is a "Social Media within reach."  With millions of users worldwide, it won't be difficult to get in touch with groups of your interest.  Add hashtags to keep up with the latest events of your choice, like Wine-tasting events -- share, or market your ideas.

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