Sugar House loses its liquor license...permanently

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The house that former pimp Scottie Ewing built -- better known as the Sugar House -- is gone for good this time. The swingers' club by night, burger joint by day (as the Alameda Grill) had been closed since February, when new owner Kelly Bailey, the former manager, was served with a notice of a liquor-license violation.

The first hearing on that violation was slated for mid-March, then postponed until April.

And now a far-from-sweet chapter in Denver club history is done.

On May 1, having reviewed the recommended decision issued on April 17, the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses determined that "the temporary permit to operate a hotel and restaurant liquor license, as well as the previous approval of a hotel and restaurant liquor license, issued to Khameleon Group, LLC, doing business as Sugar House, 1395 West Alameda Avenue, Denver, Colorado, is hereby revoked."

When we last talked with Ewing, he was in California, contemplating a move to Las Vegas, where he plans to build a new Sugar House. Bailey said she'd asked her lawyers if she could talk with us about what happened at the club; we have not yet heard back from her.

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Sugar House - CLOSED

1395 W. Alameda Ave., Denver, CO

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Music Mike
Music Mike

"Slated for May but postponed until April"...Patty, If you were half as smart as you were fat, you just might be able to put a sentence together that makes sense.


Patty Calhoun is too evolved to reply to you, but I am not:  you are a neanderthal and have no hope of evolving to human.


thanks, Mike; I've fixed this flaw.

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