Reader: It takes a global village to hate the T|ACO name

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T|ACO opens today in Boulder. It's a new concept from the folks behind H Burger Co. (an outpost of that joint just opened in Boulder, too), and readers agree that the place looks good -- the urban taqueria is a 62-seat homage to tacos and spaghetti Westerns -- and the menu seems promising....

But what's with that name?

Says A Gross Salad:

At first I thought I was being my usual cynical self, getting really upset with how awful and pretentious the name is. But then I read the comments of you, fellow Westword reader, and I was immediately reminded that I am truly part of a Global VIllage.

What do you think of the T|ACO name? Read the rest of those comments -- and make one of your own -- here?

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1175 Walnut St., Boulder, CO

Category: Restaurant


H Burger, T, ACO

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Pinche is mentioned and let's not forget about how much of the trail for this kind of food was blazed by Comida - both the truck, and this year, the Comida Cantina.

Jon S
Jon S

Wrong location. They should open it in Pueblo, or should I say P|ueblo. The locals of peeyeblo would surely enjoy a teeyaco.


this comment made me laugh so hard. I HATE the peeps that say peeyeblo...what IS that?


Or maybe Beeyuna Vista. B|una Vista? Don't the locals just call it B|uny?


 then clearly you know NO ONE over the age of 50 in Denver.  All the old people I grew up with always said it that way.

Along with Pee-cus, not Pay-cos for Pecos.

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