Thai Monkey Club swings into Golden

Jenny An
South Broadway's vibrant Thai Monkey Club now has a sibling.
Kong Phom, a native of Thailand who has been in the States for thirty years, doesn't waste time: It took just a few months after he opened Thai Monkey Club, a curry and noodle parlor, on South Broadway last year to ink a deal on a second spot.

He opened the second location of Thai Monkey Club in the heart of downtown Golden in March, expanding his offerings as well as his business. "We added sushi, so it's Thai and sushi," he explains. The menu includes many staples, like panang curry, green papaya salad, whole fish and tom yum soup -- and his kitchen doesn't shy away from blistering heat, so beware if you're sensitive to stuff that chars your tastebuds.

Now that he and the crew have worked out the kinks in the new spot, Phom is also getting ready to hold a grand opening on June 1. "We'll have kids from Thailand doing traditional Thai dance," he divulges. "It will be a chance for people to see something different."

Those dancers take the stage at 5:15 p.m., but the party goes all night.

In the meantime, the spot is open for lunch and dinner, and it features both takeout and delivery.

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Thai Monkey Club

1301 Washington Ave., Golden, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Funny, this guy has unsafe buildings all around him, yet the State is complacent. I wonder who he is & why he is allowed to put peoples lives in danger, either at his restaurants or his many rental homes.

Rocky Mountain Oyster
Rocky Mountain Oyster

Great to hear. I don't make it out to Golden very often, but their location off Broadway is excellent. 

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