The Kitchen's Hugo Matheson on escapism, a contrary vegan and fair wages

Favorite dish on your menu: Goat Gouda gougères. I have to force myself to stop ordering them; they should be a meal unto themselves, along with a salad.

Biggest menu bomb: Deviled lamb's kidneys. I liked it, and so did my guys, but that's about it.

Weirdest customer request: The self-described vegan, who, midway through her dish, asked for grilled chicken on top. You probably need to change your medications, love. We also had a guest ask for an egg-white omelet...made with one and a half yolks. And then we had someone come in for dinner who brought a set of electronic scales and weighed everything they were eating.

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten: Sauerkraut still just tastes of rotten food.

Last meal before you die: The word "meal" is so generic and institutional; it makes me feel like I'm already in hospital. Anyway...I had lunch once with friends at a hotel, on an island just off Saint-Tropez, and I remember sitting outside under very large trees, where we shared fruits de mer. If it was my time to go, I'd want that, but it would have to include langostines, plus a really good green salad, côte de beouf, potatoes roasted in duck fat with rosemary and hollandaise sauce...oh, I'm in trouble now, back into that dream world. I do hope that I have a few more breakfasts, lunches and dinners in me. Let's try and think of that.

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The Kitchen

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The Kitchen

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