Reader: Restaurant managers rarely hear this side...because guests won't return

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As a service-industry professional/lifer, Sean Kenyon Lori Midson's list of the "ten rudest things customers do to make servers wish you'd never come to their restaurants," all of which he's seen all too many times during his 27-year career in service.

But even worse, he suggests, is when people in the hospitality industry treat guests like they're doing those guests a favor by taking care of them. "It is our job to turn any poor treatment around; that's what we are here for," Kenyon says. So he he came up with his own list of the "ten rudest things that servers and bartenders do to guests to make them wish they'd never come in."

Dozens of people responded to that post, including chill303:

Fantastic post, good to hear the other side of this argument! Most restaurant managers and crew often won't hear this side of the argument as most guests simply won't return. Some of us are more direct, but it's certainly not the norm. Either way, nice job and extra points for trying to correct the small habits like asking for change...thanks!

Read more comments -- including a spirited discussion of what a restaurant's closing time should really mean -- after Sean Kenyon's original post, where you can also add your own. Or just post them below.

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