Reader: Comments about contrary vegans are not funny

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Lori Midson
Hugo Matheson, the co-owner of the original Kitchen in Boulder, along with the new Kitchen Denver, is obsessed with the business. "I live and breathe every detail of the restaurants," he says in this week's Chef and Tell interview. "I can't imagine doing anything else."

No matter how stupid restaurant requests may be.

Says fraggle303:

Yeah, hey Matheson, guess what? Vegans don't have to be perfect. People have reasons for what they do -- maybe the food was for someone else.

Your 'contrary vegan' comment is not funny, interesting, representative, or headline-worthy. Keep your snarky attacks to yourself!

PS: WestWord -- this is the 2nd time you've published such a stupid comment in a chef interview, then put it in the headline. Is this standard fodder or what?

Hmm: self-described vegan asks for grilled chicken on her dish? Whose comment is stupid? Before you decide, read part two of Matheson's Chef and Tell interview that will be posted on Cafe Society today.

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