Five Star Burgers grills up a five-star veggie patty

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Tomorrow is the first day of summer, also known as burger season -- and then, just around the corner, comes the green chile harvest. Celebrate both at Five Star Burgers, the New Mexico transplant that recently made its way to Broadway.

When we stopped by over the weekend, between the lunch and dinner rush, we opted for a table in the air-conditioned interior rather than one on the pleasant -- but sun-filled -- patio.

Five Star's veggie burger is made with roasted vegetables and grains, including corn and black beans, all held together with egg (vegans, try the portobello stack, which can be made entirely animal-free). It's normally served with red pepper aioli; we opted for avocado and diced green chile instead. The green chiles were pleasantly spicy, leaving a little heat on the lips and tongue, and the burger was the perfect blend of crispy and chewy -- and huge. It made two meals, easily.

Another option is to order one of Five Star's specialty burgers with a veggie patty; this is the green chile cheeseburger, with green chiles, pepperjack cheese and green chile mayonnaise.

Fries come in both regular and sweet-potato varieties; the basket is definitely big enough for two (but you can also order a half portion if you don't have someone to share with you).

Five Star Burgers now has two metro Denver locations, one at 2330 East Arapahoe Road in Littleton and the newest at 555 Broadway. Visit

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Five Star Burgers - CLOSED

2330 E. Araphoe Road, Littleton, CO

Category: Restaurant

Five Star Burgers - CLOSED

555 Broadway, Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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