Five things you'll always find in the fridges of the Denver FIVE

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Lori Midson
Here's what you'll find in my refrigerator at home, but what do the FIVE chefs and bar magicians have in theirs?

Like a lot of voyeurs, I'm intrigued by the contents of other people's refrigerators, especially the refrigerators of chefs. And, apparently, so is Leigh Sullivan, the innovator behind FIVE -- five local chefs and their bar cohorts, all of whom cook (and pour) at various restaurants and venues around the state, including the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen; they also head to the James Beard House in New York every September to kick some Denver whoop-ass.

Sullivan polled past and present chefs and bartenders from FIVE, and asked them what they stocked in their refrigerators at home. Pickles, butter and mustard were popular answers, but at least one chef admitted to lining his shelves with gummy worms. Here's a rundown of what you'd find if you poked your head behind their closed doors.

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Avery Beer.... always need some good local beer in there.


apple juice butter?  How about a recipe?

Jenn Hates Miracle Whip
Jenn Hates Miracle Whip

This is fantastic! I'm all about being a creepy other-people's-fridge peeper.

One of the first things I do when I'm a dating a guy/girl is scope their icebox to see if I should continue dating them. Some people search medicine cabinets for Valtrex, but I check their refrigerators for dealbreaker things like Miracle Whip.

Okay, so I actually do check for Valtrex as well, but herp meds aren't nearly as squicky as something like...say...pre-shredded cheese in plastic packs.

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