Five ways Colorado Urban WineFest will rock this week

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Colorado Urban WineFest events are guaranteed to rock.
What do Governor John Hickenlooper and chef-restaurateur Frank Bonanno have in common?

They're both major fans of Colorado wine. So major, in fact, that they carved significant chunks of time out of what can only be comically overscheduled agendas to shoot twin Spike Jonze-style film shorts, where they break down the science on their respective Colorado wine fandom.

And they're not the only ones. April's Drink Local Wine week festivities -- for which Denver played host to hundreds of oenophiles from around the country who barely knew Colorado even made wine worth drinking, never mind swooning over -- has only fanned the flames of what's shaping up to be a blazing hot year for local winemakers. All of a sudden, articles from the Washington Post and Playboy and everything in between are paying attention (and giving props) to bottles from right here in our back yard. Don't you think it's high time you did as well?

Good, because we think so, too. And since there's no time like the present, this week's array of Colorado Urban WineFest events -- all of which are geared toward showcasing the best in local wine -- are like a perfectly wrapped gift of wine-soaked fun designed especially to get you on Team Colorado Wine once and for all. Culminating in Saturday's all-day Sculpture Park festival highlighting local Colorado wineries, just about every day is serving up something extra cool for you to check out. Read on for the juicy details on all the goodness that's in store.

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Question for the organizers of the Wine Fest:Are there a limited number of tickets being sold or can we just buy tickets at the entrance on Saturday?Are there locations to buy tickets in advance so we don't have to buy online?


Ticket prices go up day of to a total of $62 with the Denver taxes. Online only before. Use "wineweek" for 10 % off thru the 8th.

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