Stay cool with five quaffable Italian white wines -- that aren't pinot grigio

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Kendra Anderson
Make like an Italian -- and stay cool -- with these summertime whites.
Seems like there's no escaping the blazing temperatures we've been dealt for the past two weeks. Or is there? Instead of whining incessantly about the heat, we're planning to soothe our blistered palates with carafes of the most delectably downable white wines we've sampled lately -- all of which happen to be of the Italian persuasion. And exactly none of which involve pinot grigio.

We can likely all agree that Italians know a few things about being cool. We love their fashion sensibility, their soul-stirring cuisine, and -- last but not least -- their talent for turning out utterly fantastic wines. But we've recently observed the most alarming of trends when it comes to the consumption of Italian white wines in particular; and that's the near-singular consumption of pinot grigio. Not that there's anything wrong with pounding pinot grigio -- except for the fact that it seems to come at the exclusion of so many other supremely quaffable varieties. It's true that Italian wines can be intimidating for American wine lovers, what with their hard-to-pronounce names and tricky-to-identify grapes. The good news is that we have done a fair bit of Italian wine, research, lately and have hand-picked five of the most refreshingly delightful Italian whites you've probably never heard of. Read up -- and stay cool -- with these summery sippers.

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