Larkburger coming to downtown Denver

Larkburger, which got its start as a little stand-alone burger joint in Edwards in 2006, plans to open an eighth Colorado location -- this one in downtown Denver.

The Larkburger at 1617 California Street is taking over the former home of An's Lemongrass Grill. Larkburger has a liquor license hearing with the city slated for June 25.

The company added a Colorado Springs store at the end of March; it already had spots in Boulder, Fort Collins, Greenwood Village, Arvada and at 340 East Alameda (which, for the record, Larkburger calls West Washington Park).

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I honestly don't get the allure of this place.  Space is totally sparse and unwelcoming, burgers are pricy and not that exciting (although the tuna burger is pretty good if cooked properly which it isn't always - this is not sushi grade tuna and I've had several that I ordered medium which were served raw and inedible) and their fries are a disgrace.  Thank God there is a Mickey D's a couple of blocks away so I can at least score some decent fries.


What is downtown's burger to starbux ratio?  It's getting pretty worrisome!


I guess it's a good thing there are so many burger places in general since everyone has such varying opinions of what makes a good burger. I think their price is pretty reasonable when compared to Smashburger, HBurger, or even places with far worse burgers like 5 Guys or Steak n Shake. Every burger I've had there has been perfectly cooked - one of the few places outside of steakhouses that understand anything less than well done. I love the fries either with or without the truffle oil. I've only had the tuna burger once, but it was cooked perfectly - pink on the inside with a good sear on the outside. I can't imagine that they would serve something "raw and inedible." Someone at some point along the way surely would have notice that the fish had never touched the grill. 

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