Nationals' Bryce Harper requests beer sales to be donated to Celena Hollis's family

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Bryce Harper's Facebook page.
Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper's infamous response to a question about his favorite beer has inspired numerous jokes and parodies over the past few weeks, not to mention his very own Denver beer, Clown Question, a Canadian lager-style beer brewed by Denver Beer Co. The name is based on the (tongue-in-cheek) assumption that the rookie phenom was simply answering the reporter's question and naming his favorite beer.

"You just have to change the emphasis of the words in his comment," quipped brewery co-owner Charlie Berger.

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Denver Beer Company's Facebook page.
But Harper has proven to a be a good sport about being clowned. While in town for a four-game series against the Rockies, he learned of the tragic death of Denver police officer Celena Hollis and decided to reach out to Berger and ask that his namesake beer be used for a good cause.

"We were contacted by his camp, who said Harper was struck by the gravity of the situation and was wondering if we would consider donating proceeds from Clown Question, Bro sales to the Celena Hollis Memorial Fund," Berger says. "Of course, we said yes."

The beer is currently on tap, and Berger estimates that it will last until the middle of next week. "The more attention for this cause the better. Hopefully, our small contribution can make a difference."

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Celena Hollis
Despite his game-tying home run in the ninth inning, Harper's Nationals lost to the Rockies last night in the final game of the series. But Harper wins big in the hearts of friends and loved ones of officer Hollis, whose funeral will be held at 11 a.m. this Saturday at the Denver First Church of the Nazarene, 3800 East Hampden Avenue in Englewood.

Further donations to the Celena Hollis Memorial Fund can be mailed to:

Celena Hollis Memorial Fund
Account Number 23012705
Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU
700 W. 39th Avenue
Denver, CO 80216

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Somebody needs to kick your ass..he is helping our a fallen officer you fuck..


This is awesome. First Ghost Face Killah, now Harper.   Something about CO micro brews that engenders goodwill.  Oh, unless of course unless you are Gordon Biersch.


Whatever. He doesn't drink. He didn't make the beer. He didn't endorse it. End of story. Your irrelevant grandpa-isms don't change the fact that buying the beer in no way contributes to or sanctions under-age drinking.


You just don't get it, do you?  We aren't in Toronto.  We're In the USA.  Now when I was Harper's age, we could buy 3.2 beer here in Colorado, but look how long ago that was.  If Harper wants to be a "role model" he would try to be one.  And being Mormon makes all of this more incredulous.


A fine policy. However, I don't think Harper had anything to do with the beer and did not specifically endorse it. In fact, it was obvious from the original interchange between Harper and the reporter who prompted the "clown question" response that Harper felt he was being baited into answering a question about alcohol consumption. And thanks to Harper, at least some of money you do decide to spend on the beer will go toward a memorial fund that is important to many Denverites.  Incidentally, the original press conference took place in Toronto, where Harper is old enough to drink. Not that he would; he's a Mormon and does not consume alcoholic beverages.


I'm not buying any beer that's being endorsed by a minor.

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