Just in time for summer, Steuben's introduces a "boozy" milkshake menu

Steuben's bar manager Ryan Layman is ushering in the heat wave with a new "boozy shake" menu featuring classic milkshakes creatively infused with alcohol.

"It fits the vibe at Steuben's," says Layman. "They're fun, lighthearted and unique. We rolled the shakes out last week, and people love them."

And according to Layman, the Double Double, named for its double malt ingredients -- malt whiskey and malted milk -- is the early favorite. Other crowd-pleasers, he notes, are the Grasshopper (soft-serve ice cream, creme de mint and creme de cacao topped with Oreo crumbles), the Absinthe Frappe and the Strawberry Sunset, a combination of Campari and Solerno liqueurs mixed in a strawberry shake.

The boozy shakes are available all day every day, and, depending on how popular they become, could end up occupying a permanent spot on the menu.

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Steuben's Food Service

523 E. 17th Ave., Denver, CO

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