TD's Dogs dries up downtown

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TD's Dogs
Todd Regan took over the old Marrakesh address on Blake Street last year and quickly drew up plans to instill TD's Dogs, a bar-focused hot dog and hamburger joint with a California theme.

Cold beer and dogs would have been ideal for baseball season -- which is when Regan initially planned to open -- but he was pushed back until the fall, barely opening in time to catch the end of playoff season.

The Rockies have returned to Coors Field for the year, but TD's won't be around to celebrate. Earlier this week, the restaurant quietly shuttered, informing inquiring patrons via Facebook that it's no longer grilling or pouring.

No word yet on what might take over the address.

Location Info

TD's Dogs - CLOSED

1530 Blake St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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I stopped for lunch a couple of months ago and they brought my food out in a bag, like I was in the drive thru at McD's. And it wasn't very good. I'm really shocked that they closed already.....


Please define "California theme".  I vacation in southern California often, but I still don't know what that is.

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