Three surprising things Jax Fish House has in common with Sineann Winery (and The French Laundry)

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Kendra Anderson
Jax Fish House and Sineann Winery share a surprisingly delicious connection.
True confession: We rarely go to Jax Fish House in search of amazing wine.

That's not to say that we never go there. In fact, we've had more meals at Jax than you can shake a fish stick at. Way back in the day when folks were still a bit skeptical about the availability of fresh, quality seafood in our landlocked state, Jax served as a bastion to all of us hungry souls starved for their impressive array of briny oysters and fixation-inspiring calamari. So given our preoccupation with the aforementioned salty snacks, our exploration of the viniferous offerings at Jax has been focused almost exclusively toward wines of the crisp, white (and frequently, bubbly) persuasion. Simply put: We hang out at Jax for the fish, not its wine list.

But a special winemaker dinner at Jax last week commanded our curiosity -- and our attention. And if the idea of indulging in one of our most cherished pastimes weren't enough to pique our palates, the winemaker whose wares we'd be sipping with our fishy fare was to be none other than Peter Rosbeck, one of Oregon's best loved pinot posse members (and maker of one of our favorite white blends).

It was right about then that our curiosity was upgraded to something more akin to "unbridled anticipation." But we did remain puzzled by one thing: Of all the wine producers Jax might choose to feature, why Sineann? Turns out these two have a lot more in common / deeper connection than you might think.

  1. Jax wine director Adam Reed has had a thing for Sineann wines since...well, forever: Reed has visited the Sineann winery in Oregon a number of times - and has featured Rosbeck's wines on the Jax list since the beginning.
  2. Jax' private label pinot noir wines are made by -- wait for it -- Rosbeck: Reed was looking for a special, custom blend that would allow him to pick the exact flavor profile to best suit their menu. Rosbeck created a few different blends, from which Reed made his final selection. Now in the third year of their collabo, the style of the wines has evolved along with the unique nature of each vintage.
  3. The French [Laundry] Connection: If you've despaired that you'll likely never have a chance to visit this vaunted Yountville restaurant, take comfort in the fact that since 2005, Peter Rosbeck has been making a private label pinot for them, too.

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Kendra Anderson
Jax chefs Amos Watts and Sheila Lucero, along with Sineann winemaker Peter Rosbeck.
And the very best part about these Jax / Sineann coincidences? They make for one helluva wine dinner. Read on for our food-and-wine lovers' recap:

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