Reader: Watch out for girls who drink Blue Moon and eat pudding cups

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Cafe Society serves up a mixed menu: posts on restaurant openings, posts on restaurant closings, posts on bad customer behavior, posts on bad server behavior...and yesterday, Jenn Wohletz's list "five things I've found in men's refrigerators that made me not want to date them."

The comments have been pouring out like watery ketchup.

Some weren't even posted by Jenn. Says Kevin Burke:

Friends don't let friends bone down with girls that drink Blue Moon and eat pudding cups. I can't imagine a steady diet of mediocre (at best) beer and pudding is going to provide anything that resembles sexual stamina. Maybe a bad case of heartburn and the scutters...

What's the scariest thing you've found in a refrigerator? Post it below, or join the conversation already under way here.

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