Wazee Supper Club reopens today after renovations

wazee 5.jpg
Lori Midson
But the sign above the door remains the same.
Wazee Supper Club, 1600 15th Street, opened its doors today after closing in late April for a remodel. The renovated space now boasts air-conditioning, new furniture, an upstairs lounge and, most important, a fully redesigned kitchen -- which Wazee chef Randy Balch couldn't be happier about. Read why in his Chef and Tell interview with Lori Midson.

And here's a look at the revamped dining area:

wazee 1.jpg
Lori Midson

wazee 3.jpg
Lori Midson

wazee 2.jpg
Lori Midson

wazee 4.jpg
Lori Midson

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Wazee Supper Club

1600 15th St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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I hope they kept the dumbwaiter.

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