Announcement: We have a winner in our Celebrity Chef Tour contest

Celebrity chef Amanda Cohen will join several local chefs in the kitchen of Linger on Wednesday night.
Amanda Cohen, the chef-owner of Dirt Candy, a vegetarian restaurant in New York that's generated national accolades, will be in Denver Wednesday night as part of the Celebrity Chef Tour, a moveable feast that traverses venues all over America to pay homage to the late James Beard, the "father of American cookery," for whom the James Beard House in New York City is named.

Cohen will cook at Linger alongside local chefs Frank Bonanno (Mizuna, Luca d'Italia, Osteria Marco, Bones, Green Russell, Lou's Food Bar and Russell's Smokehouse), Eric Skokan (Black Cat Bistro and Bramble and Hare), Ann Cooper (the Renegade Lunch Lady) and Daniel Asher, Samm Sherman and Justin Cucci, all of whom hail from Root Down and Linger.

And last week, we posted a contest, giving one Cafe Society reader and a guest the opportunity to attend the dinner for free.

We wanted to know how many guests attended the Celebrity Chef Tour dinner at the historic James Beard House in 2006, a number that forced the New York City fire marshal to establish strict occupancy numbers for future dinners.

The correct answer to that question is 125, a number that winner UB Ciminieri nailed on the head.

Tickets to the seven-course dinner, which also includes wine pairings, are $150 each and can still be purchased at

We pulled some fun facts, too, about the Celebrity Chef Tours:

* Year founded: 2004
* Founder: Joe Farrell
* Person with Joe Farrell when the idea was hatched: Mel Brooks (yes, that Mel Brooks)
* Largest Celebrity Chef Tour dinner: Spanish Bay Resort, California; 202 guests
* Largest Celebrity Chef Tour dinner at the Beard House: 125, when Michael Lomonaco, the then-chef of Windows on the World, cooked there in 2006.
* Most celebrity chefs for a Chef Tour dinner: Thirteen
Top Chef Contestants who have cooked at a Celebrity Chef Tour Dinner: 22
* Longest Celebrity Chef Tour dinner: Five hours
* Most courses served at a Celerity Chef Tour dinner: Nine
* Lowest elevation dinner: Marine Room in La Jolla, California
* Highest elevation dinner: Crested Butte, Colorado

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2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Celebrity Curmudgeon Tim
Celebrity Curmudgeon Tim

Fun Fact about the Celebrity Chef Tour I want to know: When does Henry Winkler and the “Hollywood: Part 3-Celebrity Chef Tour” hit Denver? I want to enjoy a re-invented Arnold’s Drive-In menu as a fawning and completely oblivious crowd officially witnesses the jumping of the Celebrity Chef shark. Celebrity Food Editor Lori can emcee and Celebrity Reviewer Extraordinaire Dave Barnes can recap the evening.


I bought my ticket.  Can't WAIT for tomorrow night.  It will be fun for all!


Oh man.  I feel like a sore loser right now.  

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