Breckenridge-Wynkoop growth: Read the Colorado Department of Revenue's position

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Mark Manger
Breckenridge fans at the Kalamath location raise their glasses to more beer capacity.
Last Friday, June 29, the Colorado Department of Revenue approved a complicated plan that would allow Breckenridge Brewery to grow beyond a 60,000-barrel limit in this state by using a provision known as an "alternating proprietorship."

And Breckenridge has been rapidly approaching that limit, particularly since the company merged its financial operations with those of the Wynkoop Brewing Co. under one umbrella company in early 2011. Together they now own nine restaurants -- most of them beer-themed and four operating brewpubs, which could brew up to 80,000 barrels of beer this year.

The combined company had tried to get the 60,000 limit raised in the legislature this year; when that failed, it looked at opening a second brewery out of state. But instead, it went with the third option: figuring out a way to restructure the operation.

Read the story in this week's Westword:

"Breckenridge Brewery hopes to expand the law and its business"

And here's the Department of Revenue decision released last Friday.

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