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Best burgers, best pizzas, best new restaurants (and best restaurant patios), plus a gallery of miniature football stadiums made of meat, a guide on how to survive Casa Bonita and a few ranty lists on what servers (or diners) do to piss off each other in restaurants. Yes, it's our top ten, most-read posts on Cafe Society in 2012. If you've lost count, we published 1,574 (give or take a few) posts between January 1 and June 30.

Here are the ten most popular according to Google Analytics, our bean-counting software. (Oh, and once you've read our list, get outside and enjoy the activities in our Fourth of July Denver events guide -- we're taking the day off.)

Just half of a tall floral cake by Ron Ben-Israel.
10. Ron Ben-Israel dishes on his career, weddings and tomorrow's Park Meadows appearance
Wedding cake genius Ron Ben-Israel dishes on designing wedding cakes, what the wedding industry is really like and what he imagines his own wedding cake will be when that happy day arrives.

Virgilio's Pizza.jpeg
9. Our ten best pizzas in Denver (and Boulder)
Including Virgilio's Pizza (pictured), which took the sixth spot on Lori Midson's top ten list.

8. Denver's ten best restaurant patios
Including Ale House at Amato's (pictured), one of our ten favorite places to kick back al fresco style.
7. Denver's ten best new restaurants
We've included a photo of No. 1 above. Can you guess where it is?

"If you pronounce the name of this drink wrong, I'm going to correct you in front of your date."
6. Ten rudest things servers and bartenders do to guests to make them wish they'd never come in
By bartender and occasional bar blogger Sean Kenyon, this is a companion piece to Lori Midson's list, which is in the top five.

The top five are on page 2.

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