Celebrate Independence Day with all-American red, white and rosé

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Celebrate the Fourth of July with bottles of red, white and pink.
Tomorrow is Independence Day. For most of us, that translates into a day off from work, and hopefully, a meat-filled feast shared with family and friends. We can't deny that wine may not be the very first beverage that comes to mind when most people are shopping for their Fourth of July libations. But for all the die-hard oenophiles out there just like us, what could be more patriotic to drink alongside the inevitable array of burgers and barbecue fare than some good ol' American red, white and rosé?

Serving wine at cookouts can be tricky. There are all sorts of potentially challenging elements to contend with: spicy barbecue sauce, vinegar-y dressing-doused pasta and vegetable salads...you get the idea. Then there's the matter of the blazing hot temperatures outside -- no one wants to (or really should be) downing glasses of anything with sky-high alcohol levels. Your goal should be to score bottles that can work with a grill-heavy menu but also please peeps who like to drink their wine with...well, more wine. With that in mind, we give you four fantastic, made-in-the-USA wines to help you celebrate Independence Day.

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