Reader: You're getting a way better deal at Chipotle

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Initially, Jenn Wohletz thought that Taco Bell's new Cantina Bell menu might give Chipotle a run for its money. But when a reader wondered how the same dishes might taste when made by a stoned teenager, she ordered the new bowls at an actual Taco Bell outlet -- and she was not bowled over.

The dishes were sloppy and bore little resemblance to the demo bowl she'd enjoyed at a test dinner. And she should have known better, writes one reader.

Writes Monopod:

How much were these salad bowls? I just finished a tasty (and large) salad bowl from Chipotle, with lots of fresh-cooked free-range chicken (literally, seared to a nice char on a flat-top while I was waiting in line), grilled peppers and onions, black beans, three kinds of salsa, cheese and cilantro, plus chipotle vinaigrette dressing, for a grand total of $6.50 including tax. If it's anything even approaching $5, you're getting a way better deal (and much more food) at Chipotle.

Can Taco Bell hold a candle to Chipotle? Post your favorite dishes from either -- or both! -- chains below.

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Chipotle has nothing to worry about.Tacobell,should offer it's specialties and add blk. beans......the bowl,not so hot.

davebarnes topcommenter

The Cantina Bowl is $5.20 including tax.


 @davebarnes Well, there you go.  For just over a buck more, you get better ingredients and more of them (several of my coworkers regularly make a Chipotle salad or burrito into two meals, even).  Proof that you don't have to go to the traditional fast food places or eat mystery meat to get good value for a quick meal.  

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