Kevin Morrison opening a second Pinche Taqueria in Highland

"Everything about this space is so cool," says Morrison. "It's got a great airy feel to it, I love this neighborhood, and there's a lot of support here," he adds, noting that the developer contacted him back in May to see if he was interested in signing a deal. "I remember getting an e-mail from him on a Sunday night, and on Monday, I went over to do a walk-through and everything just felt right. I knew it was a good fit."

And the timing, he says, is right, too. "The reason why we were able to sign a second lease is because I have an incredible crew of people that I work with, and a lot of them would like to move up, plus the public's embrace of what we've done in the original location has been nothing short of incredible," Morrison tells me.

And while he admits that he doesn't want to grow the concept too quickly, he also allows that he may do more. "I say that I want to move slow, but I'm always looking to see what's available," confesses Morrison. "But let's see how well we do here first."

And come early next year -- Morrison speculates that he'll open in January -- he'll find out.
My guess is that he'll fucking crush it.

Location Info

Pinche Taqueria

3300 W. 32nd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Happy Cakes has awesome cupcakes.


I cannot picture where this is going in.  where is there room to put in a new building?  Did they tear down a house?


For the new Highlands location Pinche means no place to park and no chance you are getting a liquor license 20 feet from a school.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Pinche has different meanings:


In Spain, the word refers to a kitchen helper. It mainly means a restaurant chef assistant or a kitchen helper who helps cook the food and clean the utensils. Another meaning is used as an insult, as in pinche güey ("loser"), or to describe an object of poor quality, está muy pinche ("It really sucks").


Many restaurants in Spain have the name "El Pinche", to the great amusement of Mexican and Chicano tourists.


In Mexico, it is very offensive and is often equivalent to the English terms "damn", "freakin'" or "fuckin'", as in estos pinches aguacates están podridos… ("These damn avocados are rotten…"); Pinche Mario ya no ha venido… ("Freakin' Mario hasn't come yet"); or ¿¡Quieres callarte tu pinche boca!? ("Would you like to shut your fuckin' mouth?").


In Puerto Rico pinche simply refers to a hairpin, while pincho has the same meaning in Dominican Spanish.


In Chile, pinche isn't vulgar, and it refers to the people involved in an informal romantic relationship with each other. The verbal form pinchar can be translated as "kissing" or "make out"



We can use a good Vietnamese restaurant.


The Original Heidi's Space is also for sale as is the building.  This "Deli" cannot close fast enough, I feel sorry for all the franchises who got suckered into buying into the Heidi's brand.  Hope they get something good into the space.


Fuck yes!  We need some new stuff in Highland, this will be a hit!  Now someone please put something new in the coral room space


Heidi's can't close soon enough.

If only we could get a place that knew how to make real bagels.


 @JimRome The problem with Highland restaurants is that its busy enough to keep the shitty restaurants in business.  We need to replace awful Heidi's, Coral room (reminds of of a 1998 friends episode), confusing concept Boa, and the mediocre at best Venue.  These restaurant operators have gotten complacent due to the high foot traffic in the square.  But we still have the best liquor store in the city Mondo Vino and the friendliest cheese shop St. Kilians.

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