Fired Up fires up today on Bannock Street

Buffalo sweetbreads!
Fired Up opens today at 1135 Bannock Street, and it looks like this place will give Denver diners plenty of reason to get fired up.

The former home of Chances has been completely made over, with a new, open kitchen designed around wood-fired pizza ovens. Owner Josh Barhaug and his wife drove around Europe in an RV, eating pizza to get inspiration for this endeavor. And the pizza list is impressive, with interesting combinations of many local ingredients. But there's a lot more than pizza at Fired Up.

Buffalo sweetbreads, for example. And braised Brussels sprouts. And burgers -- lots of burgers.

There's also a full bar, with plenty of local craft beers and keg wines on tap, as well as an inventive cocktail list.

Look for more photos here later today.

Location Info

Fired Up

1135 Bannock St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Can't find a website or even a Facebook or Twitter for this place.  I'd like to check out the menu.

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