Red Robin's "Cry Baby" and "Fiery Ghost" burgers: Where's the fire?

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J. Wohletz
The butter cake dessert made for the happiest of endings.
To get the Cry Baby or Fiery Ghost, you start with a regular Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger with bottomless steak fries for $8.99, then ask them to bring on the heat. My burgers arrived -- it took about twenty minutes -- and they looked as tidy and picturesque as they do in the ads. To prepare myself, I had ice water, honey packs I'd brought from home, and I'd taken a prescription heartburn pill several hours before. I was ready for the blast of searing peppers to burn the hells outta my eager gob.

I took a tentative bite of the Fiery Ghost burger....chewing....nothing yet...

Nothing at all.

I opened the top bun with my finger and poked around inside. I saw breaded, fried jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, onion straws, some sort of red sauce, but nothing that looked like even a slice of a ghost pepper. I asked my server where they were located on the burger, and he told me that they were in the red sauce smeared on the top bun.

Tommyrot and bunkum!!!

No actual peppers on the damn burger? No wonder the heat was on par with a hit of Tabasco sauce ,rather than lighting my esophagus on fire.

My mood was Pepto-dismal at this point, but I moved on to the Cry Baby burger, which turned out to be quite flavorful and oniony, but with a pussy-ass, barely-there bite of mild heat that didn't even linger.

Red Robin didn't exactly lie, but the home office sure didn't mention that processing ghost peppers into a weak, tomato-based sauce was what customers were supposed to get their knickers all in a twist about.

I eased the pain of not being in pain by ordering one of Red Robin's new desserts: two rich, fatty triangles of butter cake atop a pool of pureed strawberries and crowned with a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Red Robin's new burgers, I officially pronounce thee lame. Thank Satan that the bottomless steak fries are still worth getting fired up about.

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I've tried both of these and Thought they were both really good. I get that you're a chilehead and their ghost sauce didn't go through you like draino but it delivered plenty o heat for me...and in typical red robin fashion, fries AND sauce is bottomless, so I ordered a side of that unique ghost sauce and doused my burger to my own's a chain, and making for the masses, did you really think they want to burn a hole through someone, or just sell some tasty and bearablly spiced burgers?

Mantonat topcommenter

Vesta has a ghost pepper BBQ sauce on their menu right now that packs a pretty good punch. Not your normal beat, but maybe they'd let you have a to-go cup so you could dip your Red Robin burger in it.


I had both burgers and have to say the Cheddar peppers at Jack in the Box have more heat. The sauce was so weak I could heat it up using Taco Bell mild sauce. Until they learn to not be little bitches about heat Red Robin gets no more of my money.

davebarnes topcommenter


Very witty.

Take a trip to Savory Spice Shop and get a bottle of their Ghost Chile hot sauce.

Es muy picante.

Not as hot as Dave's Insanity, but it is smokey with an excellent kick.


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