The new Breakfast Waffle Sandwich from Jack in the Box -- another tasty rip-off

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J. Wohletz
The Breakfast Waffle Sandwich from Jack in the Box.
Jack in the Box just introduced its new Breakfast Waffle Sandwich, which is a fried egg, sausage patty and American cheese smushed between two maple-infused waffles -- and not to be confused with the McGriddle breakfast sandwich from McDonald's, which is a fried egg, bacon or sausage and American cheese smushed between two maple-infused pancakes.

Still, it's easy to get the two breakfast sammies confused, since they are pretty much the same thing.

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J. Wohletz
The waffle-buns absorb the delicious sausage grease.
To add to the confusion, McDoo's version came out in 2003 and Jack waited until 2012 to debut its facsimile. Why is that? Did Jack think that waiting nine years to introduce this sandwich would be enough time for a.m. fast-food customers to forget their fiendish loyalty to the McDoo sandwich and embrace its waffle-swapped doppelganger from a different drive-thru window?

I wanted to try this new copycat creation, since for me, pancakes and waffles are only separated by divets, and I enjoy the artery-cracking, calorie-bombardment that is the McGriddle.

I hit the drive-thru at the Jack in the Box at 6015 East Parkway Drive in Commerce City, peeled back the wrapper, and took a bite.

The Breakfast Waffle Sandwich is appetizing, with that sweet, tender waffle outside, and inside the salty, savory sausage and rich, fatty egg -- all blanketed with a slice of warm, melted, processed cheese product. It's just as taste-tempting and delicious as...a McGriddle. It's amazing how well sausage grease and artificial maple flavoring pair up.

Jack's new breakfast sandwich is available for a limited time. Read: if Jack sells enough of them, it will be added to the permanent menu -- and, unlike its McPredecessor, it's available all day and costs $2.79, which, if memory serves, is less than the McGriddle.

Jack in the Box completely, totally, absolutely ripped off McDonald's with this new sandwich, but will customers care? When it comes to fast-food breakfast, the closest drive-thru is often the most appealing.

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JENN - I say an unholy amen to "how well sausage grease and artificial maple flavoring pair up." But them breakfast sammiches (from Jack or McDoo) is hard to eat in the car, what with the phones and the radio and the GPS and the smokes and the coffee (not to mention the driving) and only two hands. So here is what I am thinkin (stay with me): a sausage grease and maple MILKSHAKE breakfast, to expand on a menu sector where Jack has already clearly beaten McD to the punch. And if the lilly has to be gilded, could offer......wait for it...... pancake nubbins or waffle leavings as mix-ins. I KNOW - genius, right?

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