The top pink wines of summer 2012 (that cost less than $15)

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Kendra Anderson
Perfect, porch poundable pinks that cost $15 or less.
There are almost too many reasons to love (and drink) pink during summer. When the living is easy, wine should be, too; nothing fussy or elaborate needs to be uncorked (or more often these days, unscrewed) when it's too damned hot to do anything but lounge. And the very best part of rosé season? Finding so many fantastic bottles that cost less than a parking space in a LoDo garage -- and deliver a helluva lot more pleasure. After nearly three months of dedicated rosé consumption -- um, research -- we present our top five picks for the most wallet-friendly pinks of summer 2012.

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the New Age has been a staple at our house for over a year now.. I would say a slice of orange, not lemon... and def. pour over ice.. if you get the white, sub the orange out for a lime... but either way, both are great summer wines.. we'll be trying your other recommendations after calling around to Argonaut, etc to find out where to find them.. but your price for the New Age is a little  high.. you can almost always find it at a large Denver liquor store for under 10 bucks...


This is great!  I have been loving pink wines this summer.  Need this in a printable to go list :)

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