Wynkoop Brewing alleges left-wing media bias by Westword's Beer Man

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The Wynkoop Brewing Company has taken issue with a recent story I wrote about the future of Breckenridge Brewery. In it, I called the Wynkoop Colorado's "second-oldest" brewpub, believing Durango's Carver Brewing to be slightly older. But that wasn't the only accusation made on Facebook by the ancient brewing company. The Wynkoop also accused me of having worked for Bain Capital, along with Mitt Romney.

They also blamed me for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's divorce, and of having a left-wing media bias (read the company's entire missive below).

And I'm here to admit that it is all true, including the part about Wynkoop being the oldest brewery in Colorado. It is, and I will address the history of both the Wynkoop and Carver tomorrow in a blog post on Cafe Society that features interviews with Wynkoop co-founder John Hickenlooper and Bill Carver.

I have made mistakes. I am sorry if I offended anyone. I stand by the statement that I misspoke, and I apologize.

In the meantime, here is the Wynkoop's position:

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Chris Kirchmeier
Chris Kirchmeier

I'm still puzzled as to what "puzled" means. I googled it and I'm still confused. Do you follow a puz and therefore are puzled?

Jon S
Jon S

This story is totally going to blow up once they uncover your Swiss beer money account.

Jenny Kahn
Jenny Kahn

Love it and they while they may be the oldest brewpub, they misspelled puzzled.


Actually pretty funny response by the Wynkoop crew, don't love their beer but I respect what they have done for Colorado Brewers and the industry in general.  The ESB they do with Strahanan's barrels is pretty effing good.

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