Squirrel Creek Lodge, home of the Scarlet Ranch swingers club, now serving oysters and more

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Last year, the Scarlet Ranch swingers club moved from its space at 424 Broadway to a place in the southern 'burbs known for an altogether different kind of meat: the former Northwoods Inn.

Owner Kendall Seifert has now rechristened this location the Squirrel Creek Lodge, and has branched out beyond clothes-optional events. In addition to what the Scarlet Ranch website refers to as "fun and erotic evenings," the Squirrel Creek Lodge also hosts tamer soirees, including weddings. There's also an on-site restaurant that serves oysters on the half shell and "The Ranch Calamari Trio."

But that restaurant is only open for special events; so be sure to contact the Squirrel Creek Lodge before you head down there for fun.

For more details, this week's Off Limits.

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Squirrel Creek Lodge

8109 Blakeland Dr, Littleton, CO

Category: Restaurant

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very odd.  And i can imagine the looks from people when you tell them where your wedding/reception will be.


When you look at the different sites, the Scarlet Ranch says open every night wed-sunday......it looks like it would be a beautiful place for a wedding or reception, but would get awkward as the private member guests show up.....odd combo

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