Chef Richard Sandoval: Every day can be humbling

Favorite junk food: Cancha, which is crispy Peruvian corn.

One book that every chef should read: The Art of the Deal, by Donald Trump. Life is all about making the right deal.

Best recipe tip for a home cook: Always season your food and taste as you go along.

What are your biggest pet peeves? When cooks fuse cuisines that don't make any sense, and the result is ingredients that aren't well balanced.

Culinary heroes: My grandmother for inspiring me, and Nobu Matsuhisa for introducing Peruvian-Japanese cuisine.

If you could cook in another chef's kitchen, whose would it be? I'm very good friends with Enrique Olver, the chef and owner of Pujol in Mexico. He's a world-renowned chef, and I admire his flavors and techniques and the fact that he's elevated the cuisine of my country. He's wonderfully creative and has tremendous passion and talent. One of the best dishes I've had is his escarole served with onion ashes and black-bean purée and watercress salad that's surprising and delicious. It's just an amazing restaurant that deserves all the recognition and accolades that they've amassed over the years.

Favorite celebrity chef: New York chef and restaurateur Laurent Tourondel is a great friend, and I respect his work, his humility and the fact that he's willing to experiment with different concepts and isn't afraid to push the envelope and create new things. He started with nothing in New York and quickly grew to international acclaim, all of it deserved.

Celebrity chef who needs a muzzle: Gordon Ramsay. I find that he's very disrespectful. While constructive criticism is necessary, disrespect never is.

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