RIP: Conway's Red Top folds its tent in Colorado Springs

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Another Colorado classic has reached the end of the line: Conway's Red Top, a family-run chain that's been slinging giant hamburgers in Colorado Springs since 1944, just closed the last of its three restaurants.

The chain was co-founded by the late Norbert Conway and became known for its giant burgers, featuring an eight-ounce patty stretched across a six-inch bun. (You could also order half-sizes.) Those burgers, accessorized by classic burger-joint ambience, earned Conway regular recognition from the Colorado Springs Independent and lovers of road food everywhere.

At one point, the Conway's chain had five locations in Colorado Springs and one in Pueblo. But the Pueblo shop closed last year, and by this summer, it was down to just three spots. The locations at 1228 East Fillmore Street and 3589 North Carefree Circle closed in in late July; the 390 North Circle Drive spot is now gone, too.

The Gazette reports that Conway's employees and family members painted messages on windows and doors of the Fillmore Street location: "Conway's will be missed -- Employees of Conway's Red Top" and "I (heart) CRT -- Sierrastorm, 3 yrs. of service" as well as "Conway Family thanks you" and "Conway's will be missed. Colorado Springs tradition since 1944."

Part of that tradition included a visit by then-presidential candidate John McCain, who stopped by a Red Top to fuel up for his campaign in 2008 -- joined by John Lynch and John Elway.

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These folks were featured in Fast Food Nation as a point of proof that local, high-quality burgers could compete with chains'.

Denver Dave
Denver Dave topcommenter

Very sad to hear.  I went to college in the Springs and the Red Top was the place to go for a serious burger when you had the "munchies" (if you were college aged in the early '70s - you know of what I speak).  Maybe it wasn't the "gourmet" burgers we're getting these days but boy did it hit the spot (but then so did Dunkin' Donuts).  Ah, the good ole days when we were young and a baggy was $20.

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