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Striking out is a lot less painful when you have a green chile breakfast burrito and bloody Mary by your side. At least, that's the thinking behind the "Breakfast-n-Bowl" special at Crown Lanes Bowling Center and Sports Bar, a good option for those still laboring to find Labor Day fun.

From 8 a.m. to noon on weekends, the bowling alley located at 2325 South Federal Boulevard is offering three games of bowling (including shoes) and a full breakfast for just $10.

"We've been running it for quite a few years now," says Crown Lanes employee Delia Garcia. "It's a real good menu. We have a great breakfast burrito smothered in green chile, huge cinnamon hotcakes, chicken-fried steak and eggs, french toast and, of course, our 'Big Breakfast' that comes with three eggs; your choice of ham, bacon or sausage; a half potato patty; and toast."

Drinks start flying as soon as the food does, so whether you're powering down from the night before or just gearing up for a sweaty Sunday afternoon of swooning over Peyton Manning, "Breakfast-n-Bowl" could bowl you over.

"You're not leaving hungry," Garcia promises.

After three games of early-morning bowling, you're probably not leaving too thirsty, either.

And as if "Breakfast-n-Bowl" isn't enough reason to salute, Crown Lanes also offers free bowling on Mondays for active, reserve and retired military personnel and their families.

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this was the best idea ever. 

Mantonat topcommenter

I think this may actually be the closest liquor-serving place to my house. Thanks for the reminder! I can go straight from coffee and slippers to vodka and bowling shoes.

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