Photos: 2012 Denver Burger Battle

dbb 20.jpg
All photos by Lori Midson.
Larkburger took home the winning trophy for this beast, voted best in burgerville by a panel of four judges, including Jenna Johansen, Hosea Rosenberg, Max MacKissock and Daniel Asher.

The Denver Burger Battle amounted to a cook-off of epic proportions at Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium last night, as chefs from restaurants in Boulder and Denver competed in a fierce competition to raise money for the Kossler Foundation, which distributes funds to local nonprofits. I was there for the throw-down and captured a ton of photos from the friendly brawl, which featured Larkburger, Highland Tap and Burger, CityGrille, TAG, Park Burger, The Sink, Madison Street, Crave, H Burger, Mateo, Cholon and Row 14. By the way, Larkburger won first place from the judges, while Crave won the hearts of the people.

Continue through for meaty photos of the flame wars.

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Thumbnail image for craveburgerdbb.jpg
This grilled burger, from the crew at Crave, won the people's choice award.

larkburger winner 3.jpg
You might see this winning trophy at your local Larkburger.

dbb 4.jpg

dbb 5.jpg

dbb 6.jpg

dbb 7.jpg

dbb 8.jpg

dbb 9.jpg

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what you have in images as dbb%2010.jpg seems to be the crave burger (the wise guy, which had deep fried mozzarella on it) and the burger on the front page listed as crave looks to be the highland tap burger. 

LoriMidsonCafeSociety moderator editor

 @thespot84 The first photo -- the cheddar-bacon burger -- is definitely from Larkburger. But you're right about the Crave burger, which now shows the correct one. Thanks for letting us know.

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