The Denver FIVE culinary stars will cook at the James Beard House on September 19

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Last September, I spent a whopping 24 hours in New York City, mostly in the kitchen of the James Beard House, where the FIVE, a coterie of local chefs and cocktail kings, strutted their talents to a sold-old cognoscenti of foodniks -- one of whom claimed that it was the most fun she'd ever had at a Beard House dinner.

It's likely to be the same this year, when Leigh Sullivan's passel of kitchen magicians journey to the Big Apple, yet again, to showcase their culinary mastery.

"Denver's own Fab FIVE, Colorado's chef-driven culinary group that aims to help promote Colorado's culinary scene on a national level, is heading to the James Beard House -- the culinary Olympics," says Brian Melton, who works with Sullivan at Leigh Sullivan Enterprises, a company that offers marketing, brand management, job placements and public-relations consulting to the hospitality industry.

"These chefs have trained long and hard throughout their careers to become some of the best in the industry," notes Melton, adding that the "elite team of tastemakers has made an indelible mark on the Colorado dining scene with their dramatic, inventive fare and sold-out culinary events."

The September Beard House gathering marks five years that Sullivan's hand-picked chefs and mixologists, which change every year, have cooked in New York, and this year's talent show -- Tyler Wiard of Elway's Cherry Creek; Top Chef season-five winner and owner of Blackbelly Catering, Hosea Rosenberg; Samir Mohammad, executive chef of Lala's Wine Bar + Pizzeria; Jenna Johansen, Around the World in 80 Plates contestant; Bistro Boys Catering pastry chef Jessica Scott; and sommelier Jonathan Greschler, who's the face behind the bar at Fuel Cafe -- have composed a menu that swaggers a crop of Colorado ingredients and products. "It's an eclectic menu that highlights the evolving culinary traditions of the Mile High City," says Melton.

Tickets to the September 19 dinner are $130 for Beard House members and $170 for the general public. The menu is on the following page (and it looks fantastic), but if you can't make it to New York, the FIVE will appear at Fuel Cafe on Sunday, August 5 to cook for the group's fifth anniversary party, which will pimp a lobster boil, beer, wine and cocktails, a dunk tank, DJ Hollywood K, and more. Tickets to that dinner, which is $40 per person, can be purchased at

Flip to the next page to see the Beard House dinner menu.

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Leigh Sullivan is trying to do a cool thing with Denver 5, but she's only got so much to work with with these chefs. The chefs are ungracious and lame. I've been to a couple events and dishes have ranged from mediocre to terrible. I'm not the type who cares to hobnob with the chefs, but some patrons buy tix as a means to support budding local chefs and interact with them in a friendly, casual environment. These ungrateful chefs are nowhere to be found at these events - not even passing around the front of house for a generic "How's the food?". (The only chef I've seen ask about the food promptly stormed off when a patron politely said she didn't love his dish). Pass Hosea in the halls three times and he can't be bothered to look up from his smartphone to nod at you for your $40 ticket... even a homeless man on the street knows to say "Bless You" for your quarter.  I'm not expecting constant chatter, but how about just a bit of charm when you put out your coffers to cover your Beard NYC hotel?


I just wanted to comment on the LePeep review, I LOVE LePeep and they have been a part of my family for many years.  It has the best value for your dollar and the food is always fresh and there is plenty of it.  Unfortunately the reviewer had a poor experience but I read the article in Consumer reports complimenting LePeep on service, food quality and a great overall experience and that has been my experience there for years.  The LePeep staff at the Bowles location always has a smile and is very attentive.   I have also visited in LePeep in other states with the same experience so I think Consumer Reports would not have given it a royal review if it was not true. 

 Le Peep Lover!


Leigh Sullivan
Leigh Sullivan

 @yumadum thank you for your feedback, and I'm sorry you feel that way. 

I'd love to hear more, so please feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to talk more.

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