Early Bird should catch the crowds in Westminster

Photos by Natalie Gonzalez
Dan and Kristen Cofrades outside the Early Bird.
Yesterday Dan and Kristen Cofrades opened Early Bird restaurant, their breakfast/lunch spot in Westminster. The place was inspired by their four-year-old daughter, Izzy; not only was she born prematurely (early), but they also wanted to have a business that closed early in the day so that they could spend more time with her.

The opening coincided with Izzy's first day of school, so it was definitely a monumental day for the Cofrades family. But judging from the reception that Early Bird received, it was a big day for Westminster, as well. Dan and Kristen want their place to combine a big-city vibe with small-town friendliness, and they've apparently succeeded. "It is really nice to have [a restaurant like this] here because they're usually just in Boulder," said Jacqui Maes, a former Westminster resident there on opening day. "This is how Colorado should be."

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Izzy, the original bite-size "early bird."
Sydney Joung, who does PR and marketing, worked with a family friend to decorate the space and make sure it had the right feng shui. The red-and-black color scheme, combined with white, chalk-like drawings along the upper walls and ceilings, gives the restaurant a modern, streamlined feel. An open kitchen allows customers to see what's happening behind the scenes, and also keeps the restaurant accessible and inviting.
The writing's on the wall: "Welcome Friends."

The Bradburn risers.
Dan Cofrades describes the Early Bird's food as "very simple, honest, not pretentious and made with a lot of care." But while the menu looks simple, it is definitely not boring. Essentially an omelet made with air-filled eggs, the "risers" are light yet filling. The Bradburn risers top off the eggs with arugula and fresh tomatoes, which play off the basil and ham filling.
House-made apricot-nectarine jam, hot sauce and ketchup.
Early Bird also makes its own housemade apricot-nectarine jam, hot sauce and ketchup.

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Early Bird Restaurant

11940 Bradburn Blvd., Westminster, CO

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