Four essential terms every wine lover needs to know, demystified

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Do you love wine? Learn these terms.
Wine -- just like every sport, art form, hobby or leisure pursuit -- has a language all its own. And while someone just learning to cook would likely realize that the intimidating task of understanding what terms like "sauté" or "chiffonade" mean is simply another step in that process, why is it that in the wine world, people practically run screaming at the mention of the word "terroir?"

In an effort to encourage less knowledgeable oenophiles to buy (and drink) more of their products, we've observed a somewhat alarming trend in the industry of late: the dumbing down of wine. And while we are all for taking the piss out of the sometimes fusty, buttoned-up world that can appear to revolve around Bordeaux futures and Burgundy, as obsessed collectors, we simply cannot get down with making wine less, well, special, than it truly is.

This isn't T-ball, people. Learning and knowing something about something you love doing is not a chore; it's part of the experience. So if you really want to start enjoying the fullest, best-possible wine experience for your hard-earned dollar, we submit that it behooves you to invest less time than you probably spend on your daily commute getting comfortable with a handful of key terms. Herewith four essential terms every wine lover should know:

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