Five sexy Spanish wines to try now

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The Herencia Altes Garnatxa Negra 2011 is one sexy Spanish wine.
Right or wrong, French wines seem to conjure up images of wood-paneled studies where "serious" oenophiles sip Burgundy and debate Bordeaux futures. Italian wine perceptions run the gamut -- you've got Barolo fanatics who kneel before the throne of King Nebbiolo along with fans of simpler stuff like pinot grigio.

But Spain? Spain is different. There is something about Spanish wine that evokes visions of sultry summertime evenings spent doing nothing more strenuous than planning your next round of tapas or soaking up the mellifluous strains of flamenco. In a word, Spanish wine is sexy. Below, our picks for five of the sexiest Spanish wines to savor -- particularly as summer gives way to fall.

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davebarnes topcommenter

How about $8 as a price point and not $14?


Love this, also I've tried the Xarel-lo at Sushi Sasa!  Amazing!



 @davebarnes with today's exchange rate and import tariffs, 8$ barely covers the cost of glass, cork, excise, and import fees, not to mention transportation costs, these alone can cost a winemaker/importer almost 7$ per bottle.  This leaves 1$ to spend on the actual wine.  Which would be exactly half the price of two-buck-chuck. @swirlgirldenver was hitting Spain's sweet spot which is in the mid-teens, lots of great juice and great values to be had there.

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