Four (possibly) surprising factors fueling Denver's fernet fever

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Fernet fever in Denver is hotter than ever.
Something interesting happened at the delicious end of three recent meals -- at Root Down, Frasca Food and Wine and twelve restaurant -- everyone at our table enjoyed a round of Fernet.

We'll admit it: Denver's seemingly boundless fascination with fernet is kind of blowing our minds. Seems like sometime in the past handful of years, the drink that was once firmly relegated to the realm of post-shift libation for those of us in the food and beverage biz has now become the indie darling of the craft-cocktail crowd. But do these fernet fanatics know they're drinking a wine-based spirit?

We're betting not. But given Fernet Branca's nearly 5,000 Twitter followers -- a San Francisco-based user group, @FernetNation, is close to 1,500 strong, and there are dozens of Facebook pages dedicated to the beverage -- its popularity cannot be denied.

Please don't be a sheep, though: If you're gonna drink it, you should at least be conversant in it. Wondering how you can get hip to the facts about what's being called "Jägermeister for hipsters"? Read on.

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Personally, I can't wait for Montenegro to hit the scene.  I like it much better than Fernet.  It's a little lighter, a little nuttier, and the Italian television commercials advertising it are WAY more cool!


"Jägermeister for hipsters"


And, we're done here...



 not sure what you mean by "and we're done here..." but just to be clear, that was a direct quote from a colleague in the wine business -- not my own opinion.

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