Photos: Last supper at Pagliacci's

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Pagliacci's has been dishing up classic Italian food -- and ambience -- since 1946. "It's been an awesome experience," says Mark Langston, whose mother bought the place from other relatives in 1977. "It's just time to move on."

A developer has bought the property, and plans to tear down Pagalicci's and replace it with apartments on the edge of Highland.

Photographer Eric Gruneisen brought back these photos from Pagliacci's on its final night.

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Location Info

Pagliacci's Italian Restaurant - CLOSED

1440 W. 33rd Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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Another Denver institution bites the dust in the name of "development" - soon we'll just have any other generic downtown...  


What is happening to the big Pagliacci's sign (not that one over the door in the picture)?


That apt building should have to put it on the top of the building.

bmelt 1 Like

Literally, the saddest damned thing...

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