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The Big Denver Barbecue Block Party took place this past weekend for its first event outside of New York. "I'm really excited that we're hosting a festival in a place where we actually have restaurants," said Dave Robinson, executive chef for the Jim 'N Nick's barbecue chain, which boasts locations in Aurora and Northfield.

"The New York event is always the biggest thing in town, and putting it in a city that loves to party like Denver does is just great." A four-year veteran of the NYC party, Robinson brought St. Louis-style ribs and spicy sausage, among other delights, to the Denver event, while Telluride Ski Resort's Jake Linzinmeier served elote-style Olathe corn and a "cross-prepared" brisket that bridged the gap between Texan-and Arkansan-styles of cooking. Brandon Marshall brings back these photos from the barbecue.

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After all the hype about this BBQ Festival, I was extremely disapointed.  I tried several different food items (beef ribs, pork ribs, brisket, pulled pork, etc.) and not a single dish was memorable.  Nothing that I had came within miles of the quality that Russel's Smokehouse produces.  Sigh

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