Photos: Inside the British Bulldog, this week's food review

british bulldog bangers mash.jpeg
Mark Manger
Bangers and mash, which sells for $9.99.
In this week's food review, we dished on the British Bulldog, the Pakistani-Brit hybrid located in a building on Stout Street with a considerable history of its own. Cafe writer Jenn Wohletz trekked down to the Union Jack-wrapped restaurant and tried bangers, mash, curry, fried pickles and aloo gosht salin, all washed down with beer -- and you can read for yourself whether she regrets her choices. But before you do, you can look at them. Click through for photos of the British Bulldog and its hearty staples.

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british bulldog 1.jpeg
Mark Manger
British Bulldog 4.jpeg
Mark Manger
Inside the British Bulldog, complete with a creepy photo of Manchester United player Wayne Rooney in the background.
British Bulldog 5.jpeg
Mark Manger
A Black & Tan at the British Bulldog, which opened in 2006 in the former Punch Bowl space.
British Bulldog 6.jpeg
Mark Manger
The interior of the British Bulldog, which underwent renovation in August 2011.

Click through for additional photos.

Location Info

The British Bulldog

2052 Stout St., Denver, CO

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