Photos: Linger's Best Patio With a View loses some of that view to construction

linger before.jpg
Linger's patio view before construction.
Northwest Denver is changing quickly, so quickly that Linger, which we voted Best Restaurant Patio With a View less than five months ago, has already lost some of that view. The new residential/retail complex going up...and up...on Boulder Street has not only obscured the view of downtown that Lola enjoyed for years, but it's also cut into the formerly unobscured look at the city skyline that you could see from the top of Linger.

Linger still has a great patio, even if the view is a little less great than it was last spring. Keep reading to see how that view has changed.

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linger patio-thumb-565x422.jpg
Linger patio view before.

Linger's patio view now obstructed with construction.

linger 2.jpeg

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2030 W. 30th Ave., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

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