Reader: Laura Shunk's advice for the new critic was one of the best things she's written

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How quickly we forget! Laura Shunk took a beating when she debuted as our restaurant reviewer two years ago, and some of those comments featured prominently in the advice that Shunk offered the next Westword critic, Gretchen Kurtz, in a piece posted yesterday.

A piece that's winning raves.

Says Jeff:

It genuinely is one of the best things Ms. Shunk ever wrote for Westword. That's not a dig, it's a good piece. I grew to kind of enjoy Shunk's reviews (despite her not knowing what roux was), and I'm sure I'll enjoy the new scribe too -- eventually.

Read Laura Shunk's advice for her successor here; former critic Kyle Wagner also weighed in; read her piece here.

And post your own thoughts on the restaurant reviewer's role below -- or join the conversation already under way here.

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I'm disappointed that I didn't get the "Comment of the Day", Jeff was just piggybacking. ;-)

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