Reader: My advice to the new critic is don't look at comments

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We'll publish our first review by our new Cafe critic, Gretchen Kurtz, next week, and in the meantime, you'll have plenty of chew on when our point/counterpoint on tipping appears here tomorrow.

But as commenters and critics alike know all too well, there's never any shortage of material on Cafe Society to discuss.

Says monopod:

Welcome, Gretchen. My advice: don't read these comments. Or if you do, have a thick skin and a sense of humor. Most of the folks here don't get out much.

Read more about our new Cafe critic here, and watch for advice from our previous Cafe critics.

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An article about tipping is just beating a dead horse.  Here let me sum it up for you.  


Point: 20% is standard.  Counterpoint: No it is not, that's just what people in the industry want you to believe. 


Point: Waiters rely on tips to make a living wage. Always tip well.  Counterpoint: Restaurants should pay you a living wage and I only tip well for excellent service.  


Point: Don't go out if you can't afford the tip.  Counterpoint: Tips are not mandatory.   


Point: Your a poopyhead! Counterpoint: Well your a doodoo head!


And then we argue about it with people making the same points they always make in these comments and the world keeps spinning. 


Comments are at the end of a story for the same reason horses are at the end of a parade.

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