Blue state v. red state: Which Colorado do you live in?

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Illustration by Jay Vollmar.
Colorado is a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election. In polls, Colorado looks like a toss-up between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, with leads shifting back and forth by the day -- and which way the vote ultimately goes could decide the national outcome. By the numbers, though, this state is pure purple: More than a third of our voters are officially unaffiliated, with the rest divided almost equally between the Democratic and Republican parties. How do you know which color of Colorado you live in? You are what -- and where -- you eat! Keep reading for our handy guide.

trader joe walmart.jpg

Trader Joe's vs. Walmart

le bakery masterpiece.jpg

Le Bakery Sensual vs. Masterpiece Cakeshop

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Celestial Seasonings vs. the Tea Party

microbrew coors.jpg

Microbrews vs. Coors

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When there is nothing but Bud and Miller Lite (and Coors Light, for that matter), an Original Coors is like manna from heaven. 


When you have pathetic, jumped up white trash in-laws (b/c mine have money) who like to pretend that drinking Bud Light and worse and NOT drinking micros shows they are not high falutin, Original Coors is a godsend.

Mantonat topcommenter

So the difference between Republicans and Democrats in this state is that Republicans are tightwad fascists and Democrats are easily deluded hipsters who don't realized that Trader Joe's is just Walmart in a cool package? Color me purple!



 @Mantonat "Trader Joe's is just Walmart in a cool package"


Aldi, actually (owned by the same family).

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