After fifteen years, Sam Taylor's Bar-B-Q has closed its doors...making way for a third Sam's No. 3

Lori Midson

For nearly fifteen years, Sam Taylor, owner and pitmaster of his namesake barbecue joint, occupied a no-frills space at 435 South Cherry Street, but after serving brisket, bones, pork and chicken to a longtime posse of regulars (ironically, Taylor also catered a Pretenders concert back in 2009 for a very-vegan Chrissy Hynde), his pit has gone black.

Sam Taylor's shuttered last Friday, and that sign on the door that alerts knockers to the fact that it's been sold? The buyers are Sam and Patrick Armastad, who own two Sam's No. 3 locations, one downtown at 1500 Curtis Street and a second at 2580 South Havana Street.

And while the Armastads turn the former barbecue joint into an American/Mexican diner -- one that TV dope Guy Fieri showcased on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives last year, Sam Taylor's is selling off just about everything it has during an Internet-only auction on Tuesday, August 21, at 2 p.m.

What's for sale? An Ole Hickory Model SSE gas-fired rotating front load smoker that includes three wood outbuildings; metal patio furniture; Alto Sham holding cabinets; a Combitherm double-stack steam convection oven; two meat slicers; a gas griddle and gas char grill; three walk-in refrigerators; a 46-inch Panasonic plasma TV (!), and a whole lot more. If you want to bid, you can go to

Location Info

Sam Taylor's Bar-B-Que - CLOSED

435 S. Cherry St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Sam's No. 3

1500 Curtis St., Denver, CO

Category: Restaurant

Sam's No. 3

2580 S. Havana St., Aurora, CO

Category: Restaurant

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This is so sad to me. I loved this place and went here every year for my birthday. I don't know any other place with BBQ like Sam Taylor's. :(

davebarnes topcommenter

In 1986, Sam's gave my wife and I wicked food poisoning.

Took us 3+ years before we could eat ribs again.



 @davebarnes For as anal as @davebarnes  is about correcting every irrelevant syntax error on this blog, he should at least distinguish whether it was Sam Taylor's or Sam's No. 3 that allegedly gave him food poisoning.

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

 @davebarnes You are such a little toad... These guys have been serving the community for 15 years and you think that because YOU got food poisoning once, they deserve karmic vengeance? What a fucking narcissist asshole.

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